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You've already done the bulk of your work—the writing. Here's where I come in: from light to heavy copyediting, I'll go through your writing with a fine-tooth comb, catching wayward typos, spotting misplaced punctuation, and enhancing the overall presentation of your piece. With your sharp writing and my eagle eyes, there's no editorial obstacle we can't conquer together.


Your writing has gone through all the steps: it's been copyedited, prepared for layout or publication, and perhaps even designed. Any kinks you were concerned about have long been smoothed out, and you're nearly at the finish line. As your proofreader, I'll take a close look at your work right before it's published, making sure there are no typographical or formatting errors that might distract your readers and take away from your credibility.

Additional Services

There's more to the editing world than copyediting and proofreading. From developmental to line editing, we will find the service that best fits your specific needs. Get in touch with me to learn more about the types of editing I can provide for you.

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Please email me to learn about my rates for these services!

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